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Are we better off with or without Facebook?

21 Jul


I must admit that I have only limited knowledge when it comes to the social networks of the world – having only been a Facebook Freak for a year now – but one thing I knew of Facebook from many newspapers was the bullying issue that came with Facebook.

Apart from the odd joke at the expense of others, I had never until now witnessed what Facebook could allow people to do at the expense of others which is why I therefore wonder whether or not we are better off with or without the Social Network.

The first case I have seen is a person who I’ll name Queen for safety of exposure.  Queen refuses to get Facebook on the grounds that it is for “losers” in her opinion and a waste of time.  Ironically this friend of mine also disregards Facebook as there are “certain people” she would rather not like to add – Luckily I am not one of those people 😀 Queen in school and out has always been the butt of public jokes and name-calling to her face and behind her back.  The last day of the year proved to be an example of this when certain things with certain teachers were suggested.  Out of what I would call fear but to her no doubt surveillance, Queen has “spies” on Facebook so that she can know what’s being said about her and in what context.  When something was said to days ago leaving her both embarrassed and angry, it seems I enlisted myself in the group of spies. But then I’m spying on my friends as the people in our own circle of friends are the ones dishing out the Facebook Dirt.

My second case scenario is a girl I’ll call Belle for similar reasons as Queen.  Belle has Facebook but has been victimized on the network for all to see (the girl has around 300 friends) to the extent that just today a certain group in the form of “I’m a victim, lol jk i’m…” was made in her honour.  The bullying has reached the point for her where it is a group of five people who also happen to be her five closest friends.  This type of bullying with comments such as “bend over, bend over” could make any one cringe as her wall is now completely covered with such sly remarks.  With this in mind I can’t help but feel that Belle would be better off without Facebook.

With the two arguments of Facebook or not in mind, a twist to the whole issue changes things completely.  The SAME PERSON is bullying both Queen and Belle.  King therefore is a Facebook member addicted to cyber bullying.  The questions I therefore gaze over are whether the question of “Are we better off with or without Facebook?” is wrong based on the notion  the two incidents I’ve seen this week show that regardless of whether you have joined Facebook or not,  you will always be involved and your name could always be brought up on someone’s wall.  Therefore why not just save the hassle of enlisting “spies” and see the dirt for yourself and even dish it back…maybe then a certain King might just lose a chip off his crown if not his whole head 😛

Let me know your thoughts on the issue and the scenario: Should I have been a spy or simply stayed out of it? Am I taking King’s antics too seriously? Have you experienced this type of thing yourself whether by friends or just mean freaks?

Let me know what you think,

Chic Me Not

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P.S I understand that to some such antics may not be seen as bullying as I am aware that worse cases occur to many, I therefore use the word bullying or cyber bullying with 50% seriousness.


Summer Time…

20 Jul

With the summer holidays fast approaching it’s not uncommon for most of us to start making “The Big Plans” of what we want to do/ achieve this summmer. Movies and Books have far too long promoted the idea that summer is the time for transformation, but the bigger question is are we expecting too much out of 6 weeks… 42 days… 1008 hours. 

I might just add this one to my summer reading list 😉

Make your list for summer but spend your six weeks as what they are… a break.  If you happen to “find” yourself on the way then go for it and enjoy the journey, if however by the end of summer that great discovery of life and all has yet to come, then enjoy the ride because it’s life and it doesn’t just begin and end in the summer holidays.

Chic Me Not

Lifestyle and All x x

P.S. Let me know your plans for the summer regardless of hollywood influence or not… 

Hello world!

18 Jul