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Summer Time…

20 Jul

With the summer holidays fast approaching it’s not uncommon for most of us to start making “The Big Plans” of what we want to do/ achieve this summmer. Movies and Books have far too long promoted the idea that summer is the time for transformation, but the bigger question is are we expecting too much out of 6 weeks… 42 days… 1008 hours. 

I might just add this one to my summer reading list 😉

Make your list for summer but spend your six weeks as what they are… a break.  If you happen to “find” yourself on the way then go for it and enjoy the journey, if however by the end of summer that great discovery of life and all has yet to come, then enjoy the ride because it’s life and it doesn’t just begin and end in the summer holidays.

Chic Me Not

Lifestyle and All x x

P.S. Let me know your plans for the summer regardless of hollywood influence or not…